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Problem – Discussion – Scoping and Planning – Designing – Implementing

Mainguard Technologies (PTY) Ltd Software Solution Development

In today’s world where information is key, it is of upmost importance to have information at your fingertips. For most of the normal day-to-day high level functions, existing software application, or systems, already exists that can be quite useful in gaining information.

shutterstock_110678570But what if you had a unique environment or setup? What if there are no known software solution or application that exists for your purposes?

You have tried “Google-ing”. You have downloaded some free trial software, only to find out that it is not what you want or doing some of the functions you require…..but not good enough to suite your requirement…and then of course, there is the “support” which is never there, and if it is… normally need to scratch around to pay the USD $ exchange rate for it…Costing you your left leg and the pinkie of you right hand

This is where Mainguard Technologies (PTY) Ltd Software Solution Development Team comes in play.

We have systematic approach to problem solving and software development. No two solutions are ever the same as the solution provided are tailor made and custom fitted for your needs and policies.

Our systematic approach works in 5 easy steps, they are:

  1. Identify the situation / problem
  2. Do a “Needs Analysis” – To determine how / what we can do to address your needs.
  3. Setup a scope of work – A project plan that will explain how we will address your specific need combined with documentation describing each step.
  4. Develop and Test – After approval from you, we will develop the solution and demo to you on completion.
  5. Implementation – Lastly, we will implement the solution, ensuring that your need has been addresses

At Mainguard Technologies (PTY) Ltd, we have a team of experts for the following platform(s) for development:

  1. Windows Development (Normal PC Applications)
  2. Web-based system Development
  3. Android software Development
  4. Windows Mobile Development (especially great for Barcoding on mobile devices)

Using the knowledge and skills that we have, we can provide a cross-platform solution. This will enable you to have the same solution on multiple types of devices, ranging from your normal PC, to your smartphone or windows phone, making your solution……your product, as comprehensive, robust and accessible from any device.

“After development” support services from Mainguard Technologies (PTY) Ltd is also just an email or phone call away.

Options for a standard support agreement can also be agreed upon without costing you an “Arm or a leg”.

Some projects we have ventured into:

  • System Integrations – Integrating different type of systems to one global system for easy reporting and information gathering
  • Health and Safety solutions – Ranging from normal checking systems to Auditing systems (Please see our product Audit Wizard)
  • Incident Reporting – Multiple unique solutions provided to clients ranging from Marine environment to Chemical industry.
  • Warehouse Solutions – Custom solution for item tracking via barcode scanners, RFID tagging etc.
  • Scada System Integrations Solutions – Integrating with scada systems to deliver real-time reporting at any given point.
  • Point-of-sales (POS) System – Normal day to day selling an buying systems
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) – To regulate, control and administrate engineering functions at a production plant (Please see our Budget CMMS system – MCA Lite)
  • Add-ins – Develop standard add-ins for standard products like Pastel Invoicing, Pastel Payroll, etc
  • PLC Interfacing – Interfacing with existing PLC’s to develop a web-based solution for the PLC Control application being used.


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