Audit Wizard

With the growing world of today, expansion is necessary and key to any part of business. The downfall to this is more employees and more departments needs to be established.

How do you monitor and control them?
How do you comply with ISO / NOSA / SABS standards?
How do you Identify improvement opportunities?
How do I prepare my department / Company for an external Audit ?

Simply put, an audit function would be a necessity in order to ensure and measure that:

  1. Compliance is met
  2. Standards is upheld
  3. Improvement is identified and implemented
  4. Internal Audit ensure all is above board for the external Audit.

So, what is the Audit Wizard and how will it assist in this?

Maintenance Audit,  System Audit software

Improve-your business with the audit wizardThe audit wizard was developed around the idea that not all audits types are the same and that an audit would be required to identify possible risks in standards and compliance. To attain a certain level of success, one needs to “Audit, Measure and Improve” on company standards and compliance to keep up with trends and legislation. The content of each type of audit would differ depending on the type of audit being done.

The audit wizard is simply just that – A general, yet unique, Auditing system that allows you to audit a certain standard / section / department based on your own (or set) standards.

The Audit Wizard enables you to:

  1. Setup your own Audit Structure and keep it in a register for re-curing (or future) use.
  2. Setup your own Audit Questions
  3. Define your own answer types by :
    1. Scoring an answer – depending on the severity of the question
    2. Attaching an image (like graphs, photos,etc)
    3. Adding of comments
  4. Generate an audit based on any section of your business
  5. Do the audit – With progress tracking
  6. After completion of the audit, an Audit Certificate (with scoring percentages) and an Audit Report can be generated enabling you to establish a base line and to measure / control improvement


By using the Audit Wizard, you can be able to:

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Identify area for improvement
  3. Track audit findings
  4. Ensure that compliance is met
  5. Ensure that standard are met


“Generally, preventative controls are more efficient and effective than detective controls “

“Without a strong system of internal control, you cannot rely on detection of ill standards. Internal control do matter”


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