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Business is business is business…. but how do we simplify,improve and upskill our organisation and ourselves ? At that moment Mainguard Technologies was born. We at Mainguard Technologies, thrive on challenges, assisting companies and individuals to simplify, improve and upskill themselves.


Our mission is to use available technology and skills to ensure processes and people function at their optimum. Ranging from businesses to individuals, we believe that live (and business) should run smoothly.


To find a simple, effective solutions to everyday problems (Business or Individual).

Why should anything be “Shlep” to do or to manage….lets find a solution!

If you have a challenge, we can help you get a solution through technology.

about us

Our methodology is simple and is based on 6 corner stone methods :

1. Discuss
2. Research
3. Demo
4. Plan
5. Execute
6. Measure

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